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Welcome to
Moore House Academy

Adapt your child's education to suit their needs, as well as yours. Let your child learn in the safety of their home, or join learning centers to enhance their understanding.
Home-schooling is a challenging task to undertake at a high school level all alone. We take pride in bridging the gap for all children of all ages who wish to work towards a National Senior Certificate through distance education. This includes Grade 8–12, single subjects, and an option for adults who wish to achieve their Matric.

Our Services


Assessment Provider

Whether you are a private home schooled learner or you are at a learning centre, our quality assessments are created to meet the demands of the high school curriculum. 


Tutor Academy

In small group tutoring we encourage active participation in our sessions and rely on student feedback to adapt our approach to suit the individuals' needs.


Tutor Portal

All of our tutors understand the curriculum requirements and are best suited to help you. If you cannot go to them, we can get them to come to you.

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